Imagine waking up every day feeling gloriously well. Our vision at Silver Linings is to turn that dream into a reality by promoting every aspect of your personal wellbeing.


The Silver Linings story began on the beautiful private-island resort of Kamalame Cay. After visiting the island for over a decade, SLR founder and fitness expert Chrissy Sundt found herself considering making the fun classes she would teach for friends part of something altogether more considered and holistic.

As an ex-ballerina, a choreographer, Pilates, Yoga and Barre teacher, Chrissy has been working in the wellness sector for over twenty years. She has always worked alongside incredible practitioners in every field of wellness and the opportunity to bring together and curate these experts in a variety of magical places around the world seemed a unique proposition. 

The Silver Linings holistic approach rests on our four pillars of wellness: mindful movement, rest and relaxation, nourishment and sleep. It also draws on the healing power of the beautiful natural surroundings of our magical retreat homes.

We love sending our experts to gorgeous hidden venues around the world so they can create truly transformative experiences for our treasured guests. This is what drives the team to seek out new magical homes as well as talented teachers and therapists to create and update our unique wellness offering. It has organically changed and developed with each passing retreat which has mirrored the huge growth in peoples’ awareness of wellbeing and mindfulness.

Our retreats are tailored to the needs of the individual and we actively support clients pre- during and post- retreat to achieve their wellness goals and most importantly to hang on to that special ‘wow’ feeling which they experience at the end of their retreat.  We believe transformation is possible because we have seen it happen!