SLR Residency at La Granja, Ibiza

9–13 October 2017
Not ready to take the ‘deep dive’ into a full Signature Retreat? Try our Residency programme instead to enjoy as much or as little of the SLR classes, therapies and cuisine as desired.
This is a way to 'dip your toe' in the water and start the wellness journey in the understated luxury of La Granja.
Simply choose the dates and times of your movement classes and therapies from the menu below to create your own unique blend of SLR wellness options.
Once completed, your schedule will be confirmed via email and a simple PayPal link will be provided so that you can make payment swiftly and securely.



Morning Awakening and evening yoga Practice

Morning 1 hour 30 mins €65.00
Evening 1 hour €45.00 

Enjoy morning and evening Yoga with Stewart Gilchrist who is known throughout the international Yoga community for his innovative, authentic, dynamic classes. Infusing his high energy and radically challenging teachings with yogic knowledge, as well as his unique charisma, politics and humour. His classes include an emphasis on breath, vinyasa and philosophy with strong physical adjustments. Stewart applies the original teachings of Yoga to the modern world to create a thought-provoking experience of modern but original Yoga.


Barre Blast

1 hour €45.00

Barre Blast uses a combination of the ballet Barre, your own bodyweight, lightweight props and high repetitions to target and exhaust all major muscle groups. Particular focus is given to working arms, thighs, seat and core.



1 hour €45.00

This is a Classical Pilates technique class which focuses on core strength, stretch and moving the spine safely. This will improve your posture, your core strength and stretch and elongate all the major muscle groups.


SLR TechniqUE

1 hour €45.00

A fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Barre techniques drawing on Chrissy's lifetime of training and choreography. This flowing energetic challenging, and nourishing class will leave you buzzing, open and centred.


Personal Training

1 hour €95.00

Aligned with your body and wellness goals with multi-discipline options - Yoga, Pilates, HIIT and Barre based sessions. Or Chrissy can create a personal movement sequence - the SLR Technique - to target specific areas or build overall body strength and flexibility.


Massage Therapy

1 hour €120.00

Enjoy a gorgeous massage in the peaceful surroundings at La Granja.


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9–13 October 2017
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